Tricks to remember states name with neighborliness countries

Hello friends, Today we are going to share easy tricks to remember states name with neighborliness countries. India has 15,106.7 km of land border and a coastline of 7,516.6 km including island territories. The length of our land borders with neighboring countries is as under...


1- Bangladesh :4,096.7
2- China :3,488
3- Pakistan :3,323
4- Nepal :1,751
5- Myanmar :1,643
6- Bhutan : 699
7- Afghanistan : 106 

You should remember bellow trick, this is in decreasing order of  boundaries-

"Neighborliness Countries"

"भारत की सीमा से लगने वाले देश"


  1. BA- Bangladesh
  2. CH- China
  3. PA- Pakistan
  4. N- Nepal
  5. M-Myanmar
  6. B- Bhutan
  7. A- Afghanistan

"States with Neighborliness Countries"

"पड़ोसी देशो को छूने वाले भारतीय राज्य"



(Trick-1: अब मिजोरम से मैत्री)

  1. अ- असम
  2. ब- पश्चिम बंगाल
  3. मि- मिज़ोरम-
  4. मै- मेघालय-
  5. त्रि- त्रिपुरा-

(Trick-2: TIME-AM-PM)

  1. T- Tripura
  2. A- Assam
  3. M- Mizoram
  4. P- Pashchim Bengal
  5. M- Meghalay


(Trick: जम्मू का सिपाही अरुण हिमालय पर उतरा)

  1. जम्मू- जम्मू कश्मीर
  2. सिपाही- सिक्किम 
  3. अरुण- अरुणाचल प्रदेश
  4. हिमालय- हिमांचल प्रदेश
  5. उतरा- उत्तराखंड


(Trick: पं. गुजरा)

  1. पं. - पंजाब
  2. गु- गुजरात 
  3. ज- जम्मू कश्मीर
  4. रा- राजस्थान


(Trick: SUBBU)

  1. S- Sikkim
  2. U- Uttar Pradesh
  3. B- Bihar
  4. B- Bangal (West Bengal)
  5. U- Uttarakhand


(Trick: अरुणा मामी)

  1. अ- अरुणाचल प्रदेश
  2. ना- नागालैंड
  3. मा- मणिपुर
  4. मी- मिजोरम


(Trick: साब- SAAB)

  1. S- Sikkim
  2. A- Assam
  3. A- Arunachal Pradesh
  4. B- Bengal (Paschim bengal)


(Trick: No Trick)

  1. POC- Pakistan occupied J&K (पाकिस्तान अधिकृत जम्मू -कश्मीर)

Hope you liked these tricks. If you have any better trick then please share with us, we will update in our page. Don't forget to push facebook share button, knowledge should be spread...