Trick to remember Nationalization Date of Banks

Nationalization Date of Banks


a PUNJABI boy of name VIJAYA is studying COMMERCE in a CORPORATE college of ANDHARA PARDESH

  1. PUNJABI - Punjab and Sindh Bank (Don’t be confuse with Punjab National Bank)
  2. VIJAYA - Vijaya Bank
  3. COMMERCE - Oriental Bank of Commerce
  4. CORPORATE - Corporation Bank
  5. ANDHARA PARDESH - Andhra Bank
  6. Dena Bank - Mumbai (This bank don't have 'of india' at last but its Headquarter is in Mumbai)

    These 5 banks nationalization date is : Aril 15, 1980.
    Except these 5 banks (also except SBI group and IDBI) all other 14 banks were nationalized on July 19, 1969.